Paradise Productions is the outgrowth of what was the best of times, in over twenty-five years of broadcasting. Enjoying success in major market programming and operations was rewarding, but nothing compared to the adrenalin rush from those creative hours in the production room.

In that arena, one is only limited by the landscape of imagination . . . and an inferior sound effects library. Necessity is the mother of invention, and it is that process of inventing and creating, within the confines of the production studio, that fosters a tangible sense of achievement, and keeps drawing you back to repeat the process.

I am an admitted production-holic, completely enthralled by a relentless pursuit of the next creative challenge . . . recovering one day at a time. Hopefully, this will be a long, long recovery.

Since 1985, Paradise Productions has been serving broadcast stations, and advertisers, with cost effective, and most definitley EFFECTIVE enhanced production.

Paradise Productions is committed to meeting your creative production challenges, and superceding your expectations.